blair avenue residence kitchen & bath

Blair Avenue Residence

location | piedmont
scope | kitchen + 2 bathrooms (remodel)
design | building Lab + hingman chan
year | 2009-2010

The interior of this 6o's residence suffered from compartmentalization and lack of connection to the expansive hillside.

Solution: flip the existing smallish kitchen and dining area; remove a bank of closets to create a new open kitchen; open up back wall with floor-to-ceiling windows such that the new dining room overlooks the lush hillside garden.

At the lower level, the single existing bath is replaced by a new master bath and an additional hallway bath which serves the children's bedrooms.

The location of the open kitchen next to the entry foyer results in a generous and inviting gesture. Island bar with dual levels defines the space and hides kitchen clutter, a perfect stop for guests to have a drink before proceeding to the dining room.

This kitchen has 100% high efficacy lighting consisting of LED and fluorescent fixtures. Low voltage pendant lights are mounted under the existing skylight above the dining table. The custom cabinetry was fabricated in-house with natural and stained solid bamboo panels and maple interior. The island bar holds back-to-back base cabinets to maximize storage.